So far so good

Well... this system is nice.

So I am using dotclear now. And I like it

So far i used several things, I just needed a thing to post stuff... after I heard form LordKat how bad Durpal is when it comes to what it makes in the sql database I did not want to touch that with a 20 foot pole.

Wordpress... well, not the biggest fan of it. Its the biggest system, so normally it would have most exploits by popularity. This is how apple could say the mac was safe, no one would bother to make a virus to infect 4% of the market with something when they could go after windows. There is no such thing as a secure system unless you use something like the US uses for their ICBMs... you even know how a 8 inch floppy looks like ? See my point here ?

So i used b2evolution... but it was weird, was missing things, and it was more of a multi blog, so i went down the list and found this. Easy, interface is nice. Works decent, also setting it up for my fiances art page, since deviant art is not to her liking. the community is kinda, unique lets say.

So for now we got this, As soon as the producer gets done in the cutting room we have a new mass collision cast, and MB tomorrow I will record something for my crap founding series.

[Podcast] Mass Collision Cast S02E03

[Podcast] Mass Collision Cast S02E02

So lets see if this system works

I have bad luck with the CMS. Lets see if this is any good for my needs. I will put some stuff back in in a moment.